Are You Experiencing the Entourage Effect?

Even if you’re only familiar with hemp, the cannabis family of plants, and CBD in passing, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the “Entourage Effect.” Within each cannabis plant, and hemp, in particular, there is a myriad of cannabinoids, including the CBD and CBG compounds you already know about. When these cannabinoids are allowed to interact with each other, it can induce the entourage effect. But what is it and is it beneficial? Join CBx Essentials as we explore this hot topic in depth.

The Science Behind the Entourage Effect

First introduced in 1998, two Israeli researchers were examining the healing effects of cannabinoids and comparing them to synthetic counterparts. The study proposed that when cannabinoids are allowed to interact with each other, they are more effective in curing aches, pains, and other conditions.

Can You Experience the Entourage Effect by Using CBD?

Well, yes and no. It really depends on how your CBD and CBG products were made. Currently, there are two common ways to cultivate CBD and CBG oil. The first is to take the CBD or CBG on its own and separate it from the other cannabinoids and make an isolate from it. The other method is to extract the cannabinoid oils from the entire plant, including the seeds and stalk. This is called a “whole plant” or “full-spectrum” oil since it also extracts the plant’s related cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and more.

You are more likely to experience the entourage effect when you use a whole plant CBD or CBD product.

Are There Any Benefits to the Entourage Effect?

More than just a cool name, the entourage effect can actually have a pronounced impact on how your body utilizes the CBD or CBG in your product. That’s because cannabinoids within the whole plant extract can target multiple receptors throughout the body. For instance, a 2003 study studied how the entourage effect from CBD and CBG oils could be used to limit spasms caused by MS. By using a whole plant extract, the spasms were lessened and were more effective than a THC isolate.

Not only that, but when cannabinoids work together in the entourage effect, they are more effective in resisting bacterial infection. In particular, CBG has been found to be a great way to manage infections and fight bacterial growth. When partnered with the other compounds in a whole plant extract, the variety of cannabinoids can help to slow down bacteria from developing new ways to propagate.

Basically, the entourage effect is beneficial because it provides more healing and therapeutic results than if you were to use a single compound or isolate. Much like a notable person might have a group of people traveling with them to increase their social standing, cannabinoids like to work together to offer you the full array of their effects.

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