Eczema: Treatments For Relief

If you are like most, you have probably experienced dry skin. However, if you have experienced eczema, you know how frustrating and sometimes embarrassing the condition can be. According to a WedMD article 3% of adults and children in the US suffer from eczema and 10-20% of infants also suffer from the skin condition. 

Eczema can refer to a variety of skin conditions when the skin becomes red and inflamed. However, atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema refers to diseases that can come along with other allergic reactions such as asthma and hay fever. Today, on the CBx Essentials blog, we are going to discuss eczema and the benefits of using CBG cream. 

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What is Eczema?

Having eczema or any kind of skin condition can be frustrating and embarrassing. However, there are many ways to relieve and get rid of the condition. However, this can be dependent on the cause, as sometimes a rash and inflammation may be caused by a deeper issue than just extremely dry skin. In many cases, CBG & CBD have been found to have anti-inflammation properties and can provide powerful moisturizing benefits as well as antibacterial benefits. Keep reading to learn more about how to get rid of eczema and how CBG pain relief cream can help. 

Symptoms of Eczema

Eczema, no matter the cause, normally manifests in the same manner every time: 

  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Dry, thickened, scaly skin
  • Usually appears on the face, back of knees, wrists, hands, or feet

Those with fair skin will often exhibit a reddish tone in the affected area; it can eventually turn brown.  

Causes of Eczema

There is no one cause of eczema. In some cases it has been linked to the body’s overactive response to an irritant, and those that suffer from allergies or asthma seem to be more prone to eczema. However, it could be caused by extremely dry conditions as well as stress, contracting a cold, or even the skin becoming too hot or cold. Eczema isn’t contagious and will be diagnosed by observation of the affected area by a doctor or they may conduct a patch test. 

Treatments For Eczema

Because the causes of eczema are many, the means to treat it are many. It may mean changing your daily hygiene routine, taking steps to reduce stress, adjusting your nutrition and water intake, and limiting your exposure to irritating materials and pet dander. However, in some cases, more aggressive means of treatment are needed: 


Over-the-counter products are often prescribed to reduce inflammation and limit itching. Corticosteroid cream and hydrocortisone 1% cream are two of the most popular creams. 


Your doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic cream to get rid of any bacterial infection that may have occurred due to cracked skin or open sores. 

Light Therapy

Light therapy can also be utilized. This therapy uses natural sunlight — controlled amounts — to bring about healing. 

Injectable Biologic — Dupixent

This recently approved injectable has recently been approved by the FDA and is prescribed for those who show poor responses to other treatment options. 

The type of treatments used depends on the root cause of the eczema as well as the patient’s response to certain treatment types. 

Eczema & CBG

If you think you might have eczema, it is always best to consult a doctor and to follow their prescribed treatment plan. If you are currently being treated for eczema, it is important to continue your treatment — do not stop taking physician-prescribed medication. 

However, CBG has been found to offer significant benefits for skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, and even provide anti-aging properties as well. 

Benefits of CBG For Skin Care

  • Lower inflammation
  • Provides antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin

How Does It Work?

CBG can provide benefits due to the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is made up of CB receptors that can be found all over the body. However, the highest concentration of these receptors is found in the skin, allowing for users of CBG cream to easily benefit from the medicinal properties that CBG has to offer. 

Is It Different Than CBD?

CBD and CBG are extremely similar. However, they are also significantly different. CBG is essentially the “stem cell” of cannabis plants. As the cannabis plants progress through the growth cycle, the CBG eventually turns into CBD or THC. 

Both CBD and CBG provide benefits for the skin, but CBG is the only one that offers antibacterial and antifungal benefits. CBG might also be more easily absorbed than CBD. In recent studies, CBG has been singled out as a potential treatment for eczema and psoriasis. According to the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine™, it has been seen to increase basal sebaceous lipid synthesis versus other cannabis compounds that either didn’t have any impact or reduced it: sebaceous glands of the skin are responsible for producing skin oils. Because of its effect on this process, it is easy to see why it is being used as a treatment for eczema. 

Utilizing the Entourage Effect

If you have kept up with CBx Essentials blog, you may have heard us talk a lot about the entourage effect. It is the name for the impact that similar cannabis compounds have on each other — when applied together, they can enhance the properties of the other. For this reason, it can be beneficial to enjoy full spectrum cannabis products that have both CBD and CBG. That’s why we at CBx Essentials formulate our products with full-spectrum cannabis — we want to provide you with the most powerful products. 

What CBx Product Should I Choose?

As mentioned above, you should always take what your doctor has prescribed to you and never stop taking your medications. However, our CBG cream could help you if you suffer from extreme dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. 

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CBG is a powerful compound that can provide the nourishment, moisture, and healing properties for your extremely dry skin and possibly even skin affected by eczema. Shop our products online to experience it for yourself.