How to Make Self-Care A Priority

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Today, on our blog, we are continuing our conversation about self-care and how to better integrate a self-care routine into your life. Taking time away from all the demands of daily life is hard, but it can significantly enhance your quality of life and possibly make you more successful. Keep reading to learn more and visit our website to learn how CBD can greatly enhance your life!   

Make Self-Care A Part of Your Life

To reach our full potential and to take care of ourselves, we need to make time to step away from our lives to recharge and refresh. This is hard, but worth it. One of the best ways to integrate self-care into your lifestyle is to make it part of your routine. Today, we are giving you tips for doing just that. 

Daily Routine

Most of us don’t have time to take a three-hour hike or soak in a relaxing bubble bath each day. However, we can do little things within our daily schedules to better take care of our body, mind, and soul. 

  • Be active – Workout and/or take short walks outside throughout your day.
  • Eat for fueling your body – Fuel your body with food that your body needs, eat snacks, and take a lunch break.
  • Take breaks – Take a couple of breaks throughout your day away from your work by taking a walk, talking to a friend or coworker, or listening to music.
  • Look your best – Feeling your best often begins with looking your best — take time to dress well, and do your hair or makeup. 
  • Create a morning/bedtime routine – Integrate activities that make you happy into your morning or nightly routine, such as reading, journaling, listening to a podcast, etc.

Weekly Routine

We don’t always have time to do everything we need to do to feel our best each day, but in many cases, we can on a weekly basis! It’s easy to let the weeks pass us by without a second thought to our well-being. However, when we make it a part of our schedule, it becomes easier. A weekly self-care routine can include: 

  • Time off – Set aside a day or part of a day to do what makes you happy. It can change from week to week! 
  • Enjoy the spa – Need a face mask or dying for a relaxing soak? Plan an evening each week.
  • Treat yourself – Take yourself out to dinner, to see a movie, or spend time with a special friend. 
  • Tidy your home – Though this can seem like a chore, bringing order to your space can help you better enjoy your home and you may feel more ready for whatever life brings.  
  • Fix a fancy meal – Pick one or a few nights to make a fancy meal that you can enjoy.

Monthly & Yearly Routine

Just as weeks can fly by, months and years can also disappear in a blink of an eye. For this reason, it’s important to be proactive about making time for those things that make us happy and increase our enjoyment of life. Ways that we can do that include:

  • Take a day off – Work can wait — you deserve a day off! 
  • Go on a retreat – Refresh and enjoy a retreat doing what you love.
  • Get tickets – Buy tickets to see your favorite band, festival, show, or other event.
  • Go on a trip – Plan a trip, even if it’s just for a day.
  • Visit friends & family – Make those you love a priority by spending time with them.

Setting aside time for yourself can be hard, but it is worth it! We at CBX Essentials hope that you will take some time for yourself. Shop our natural pain relief cream products online that can enhance your life!